Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Ravelry Newbie

A few months ago, I was finally invited to Ravelry.

With all the new stuff going on with preparing for the move and traveling back and forth between GA and MA, I haven't had any time to set it up and upload things to it. Well, actually I have had time, but have chosen to relish in the fact that I've been home with the hubby for a few weeks. So, tonight I've decided to dabble in it and have decided, I am going to have to dedicate some real time to it! I will be back in GA on the second of January and will have a few weeks to a hotel and will hopefully muster up the strength to dabble some more!

As far as my holidays went - fantastic! We did nothing!! We did NO family stuff this year, which I love my family...but with all the travel, did not want to spend the holidays traveling more...

We cooked, painted, shopped....lounged...ate.....and lounged some more!

All to gear up for more away time from the hubby until he gets moved into temp housing with me!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Cookie Fest 2007

This weekend was pretty uneventful, by choice. Being in Augusta has managed to make work life happy, but home life lonely, so we just wanted to hang out.

We took my car yesterday to have the stereo replaced since it was faulty, grabbed lunch at Panera and then grabbed a quick movie to kill time waiting for my car. We watched Hitman, which was entertaining, but not an Oscar winning movie!

Today, we got up, baked some mini muffins (this was Brad's idea as he excitedly brought the mini muffin pan to the shopping cart a few weeks ago) and just hunkered down for some lounging. By noon, I had a small case of cabin fever and as we pondered dinner, realized we needed some fixins for our Turkey Burger meal we had planned.

Once we got to the grocery store, I thought it would be fun to grab a cookie magazine and bake some cookies. And thus, Christmas Cookie Fest 2007 began. Brad picked out the two types of cookies that he wanted to bake and we were off through the aisles yelling out ingredients that we needed. Other shoppers were smiling and helping us find the baking soda, the unsweetened chocolate and other ingredients as I'm sure we looked like the novice bakers that we are!!

When we got home, we started right away. We bought Betty Crocker's Holiday Cookies magazine and decided to make Fiesta Fudge Cookies and Confetti Chocolate-Oatmeal Cookies.

We had fun baking these cookies and have decided that beginning this year...this is something we are going to do every year gonig forward. It was a lot of fun and for our first attempt, the cookies looked pretty damn close to the pictures!!

I posted the recipe on my Myspace private blog, so if you'd like them, shoot me a note and I can email them to you, or sign up for a myspace account and look me up!

We had a lot of fun baking these. I told Brad, first it starts out with mini muffins, then we move on to homemade cookies. Next will be the cakes and we'll end up having our own dessert place!