Saturday, March 3, 2007

Frogging the work

I have been working on a few things here or there for the past month or so...Christa's second baby blanket for her twins, a pair of socks made from CashMerino I picked up in Newport, RI and the pair of socks made from the sock yarn I picked up in Tennessee.

I frogged all three of these projects pretty far into them - for those non-knitters, I unraveled them.

Christa's baby blanket - I tore it out while I was at the airport in Montreal. I noticed that I cast on way TOO many stitches as I got into the project 3 balls of yarn later and realized the baby blanket was way TOO wide! Since she's having twins, I wanted it to be the same size as the first one I knit and this one was very miscalculated. So I tore back all three balls of yarn. I got on the flight from Montreal to Newark (my connection to Providence) and realized I had nothing to do, so I figured I cast back on and try again. I got through the border on the blanket and just tore that back out tonight as I didn't like the pattern I picked out. I have finally settled on a pattern, the correct number of stitches to cast on, so hopefully, this is the last time time around. I don't know that the yarn can take too much more. Although I'm not a fan of acrylic yarn, this is some nice acrylic that I picked up at Ewe'll Love it in Nashua, NH.

Socks made from CashMerino - I bought this yarn back in the summer and decided with winter here, I wanted to make some nice cozy socks for myself. I have pulled it out several times and started on patterns and initially didn't like any of them so after tearing it out several times, I put it back. I finally picked a pattern from Sensational Socks and motivated myself to go at it. About 1/2 way through the leg, I realized that it was much too tight. (I have been to lazy to gauge my projects and I think this is the valuable lesson I'm learning!) So - I tore it out!

Socks made from yarn in Tenenssee - I got to the heel turn on my flight back from Ireland and totally screwed it up. I thought I'd wait to get home and unravel a few rows to fix it and ended up completely messing the pattern up and can't pick it back up - I can barely pick work back up on circulars, much less 4 Double Pointed Needles! So I frogged it too...

I can't seem to get out of the habit of ripping my work back out. My husband has said to me several times, if you would just keep working through it and not tear it out - you would have so many finished objects...(Okay - I through in the finished objects phrase...but fellow knitters understand!)

I am a bit of a perfectionist as you can probably tell. Any advice would be extremely helpful to get over this painful affliction that I have found in my knitting world!!