Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A new way to celebrate Turkey Day

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A new way to celebrate Turkey Day

So Monday, the 19th, was my first official day working in Augusta. This was kind of a short week since the holidays, but my new manager was going to be starting on Monday, so I wanted to be there when she started. It was an overwhelming and interesting week. I started the week off by traveling on Sunday and by flying back on Wednesday, only the busiest travel day of the year...but all was well and I made it back okay.

I did a lot my first week, including look at some really good real estate. I found the perfect home for us, however, it needs some interior kitchen, new bathroom, new floors and new walls (its all 1950's wallpaper...even on the ceiling!) on two acres of land. It is a well built home, our realtor believes an architect was involved. It was built in 1950 and the woman just happened to pass away this week. She's been in a nursing home for quite a while, but I think that she was the original owner. There is an additional 17 acres of land behind the property, but that will be an option to buy once someone purchases the house. It would be a perfect home - 5 bedrooms, lots of room, great landscaping and just a great, well built house. However, it would need about 30,000 dollars worth of work, but all cosmetic. They are asking for 268,000, but the judge who is overseeing the property and trying to sell it is basically trying to get rid of it and our realtor thinks we could get away with 220,000. HOWEVER...let's face it, Brad and I are not handy fix it upper kind of people and we are seriously looking at taking a huge hit on our house in MA, losing all of our equity and potentially more. So, we have to look for something that would not need any additional money. I looked at 4 other homes, all either with lots of land and an old home, or wooded lots with a gorgeous new home. All within our price range...we'll see. Brad is coming down with me in Dec so he'll be able to help me better judge what will be our next future home.

I arrived home yesterday and today we went to Foxwoods to celebrate Thanksgiving. We decided to take this year and the holidays and make it our own. No family, just us. We've been apart so long, with my travels, that we just wanted to hang out. Besides, after we move back, we'll have all the family time in the world!

We decided to take some money and just go and have fun and DE-STRESS! We met Patricia and Darien and played poker for almost 10 hours. It was a lot of fun, although all of our money went back to the Indian community, which as Brad mentioned, is just a way for us to give back to those that created Thanksgiving Day for us in the first place!

I was totally bummed that we didn't win, but then again, we never win. But, we had set aside that money just for our gambling turkey day. Much to my surprise and ladies - I have to say - I have the best husband in the world...Brad had a bit of surprise for me. As we were leaving the casino, Brad told me he had been saving up a separate stash for a shopping spree for us...and only us. To buy clothes, shoes, whatever we needed. He had been saving up a little here and there, so it was almost like free money!! I was so excited! He had also meticulously cleaned the house for me Wed so I don't have a thing to do until I have to go back to Augusta on Monday.


My mom also kept with the new tradition and went to the casino on Thanksgiving in NC. Just like her daughter, she lost all of her gambling money as well. Like mother, like daughter.

We have movie day set aside for tomorrow - Black Friday, so we don't have to get out and face the crowds...I love my husband.

International Beerfest 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

International Beerfest 2007

Saturday night, we attended America's Largest International Beerfest with some friends in Providence, RI. I was not really looking forward to the event because for whatever reason, I haven't really drunk a whole lot since we've moved to MA. I can honestly say, I've only been drunk maybe twice in the past two years. I suppose that means I'm growing up, but for a long while, I have no urge to drink...

We get to Providence fairly early and get a chance to stop by the food court at Providence Place to get a slice of pizza. Then we headed off to the festival.

Now there are lines, and there are Beerfest lines. There was a line to get your pre-purchased tickets from Will Call, there was a line to get your ID checked, there was a line to have your ticket scanned, there was a line to get to the escalator, there was a line to get ON the escalator, there was a line once you got off the escalator, there was a line to get into the ballroom that the beer festival was in and then there was a line at all the beer vendors that were there.

When you walk in, there is someone that gives you a dixie cup - holds about 5 oz of liquid. You stand in line at each vendor and they give you a little taste. We had everything from pumpkin beer, to IPA, to stouts, to light beer, to peach, blueberry, rasberry beer. The best part was watching everyone (including myself) slowly digress throughout the night. You wouldn't think that the small amounts of beer would do you in, but they do!! As soon as we got our beer sample from one vendor, we would immediately get in line for the next and before you knew it, everyone had sloppy eyes and walks!!

A few hours into it and I was done. I sat on the sidelines and people watched.

We left the beer festival around 9:00 (3 hours later) and headed to Dave and Busters for some late night gaming and more beer. As soon as I walked in and saw the crowds, I wanted to turn around and go home.

Not only did I hate the crowds at the beerfestival...I hate the bars now. The meat market bars anyway. I can handle a laid back pub anyday, but I'm so done with crowds. We stayed long enough to get a table, order some much needed appetizers, play a few games and then head out.

Everyone came back to our place and, of course, played Guitar Hero. I immediately went to be and about 3 hours later, Brad and the rest of the gang finally decided to call it quits.

So we're pretty tired today, but happy b/c this is my last week in MA for work, anyway.

A great day to be a New England Revolution!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A great day to be a New England Revolution!!
Current mood: ecstatic

Tonight was the Eastern Conference Major League Soccer Championship hosted by the New England Revolution at home in Gillette stadium.

We decided that even though it was a school night (I just can't bring myself to call it a work night yet) that we would go and watch our boys take home the title. We got ourselves a little closer to midfield this time in section 110 on the fourth row and our seats were magnificent. It was a perfect New England November night, clear sky, and 30 something degrees. No rain, no wind...only the cold chill and some great soccer.

We played the Chicago Fire and what an exciting game. The Fire definitely outplayed us, however, toward the end of the first half (and Brad gone to the bathroom) Twellman scored a beautiful goal...a bicycle kick into the net! I peed my pants and banged my knee on the seat in front of me simultaneously as I jumped up and down in celebration with the rest of the crowd...literally...peed my pants a little....I spent the next 10 minutes rubbing the soon to be black and blue knee.

I must say, of all the sections in the stadium...we belong in the upper middle section. I'm not saying that because obviously they are great seats. I'm saying that because I've realized what the people are like in the various sections.

Endzone 1: The Fort - This is where a majority of the die hard season ticketed fans sit...or shall I say stand. They are the tireless group of fans that chant, clap and make noise the entire game. I love that we have that section - would never sit there....too tiring - I wouldn't make it a whole game.

Section 101-103: Older season ticket holders - Where our season tickets were...Older fans sit there to watch the game. Moderately priced seats, but no excitement - only older people there to sit and enjoy the game...quietly.

Endzone 2: CHEAP SEATS - this is where the cheapest tickets are and not to be discrimatory - this is where a lot of the Latino community sit and pretty much root AGAINST the Revs and American Soccer. No one really sits in their own seats....they just sit wherever they don't get booted out.

Mid section: TRUE BLUE soccer fans...and when I say true blue, I mean, can sit there with intensity, truly follow the game and make noise when necessary. I love this section. We were loud when we needed to be and focused on the game when it was necessary. I sat on the edge of my seat, literally, the whole second half. It was a fantastic game.

WE WON 1-nil!!! We stayed and watched the ceremony afterward and yelled and screamed with the stadium as the Revs took their 3rd Eastern Conference Championship...Let's pray for a National Championship...The Revs have gone on numerous occasions....but have yet to bring home the championship...Let this be the year!!!

And a move update:

1 appraisal and the moving company survey / visit down

1 more appraisal and two realtor meetings to go....tomorrow...almost done.

Next Friday is my last day at the office....It will shake down like this:

Week of Nov 19 - Augusta, GA
Week of Nov 26 - San Diego, CA
Week of Dec 3 - Orlando (Deland), FL
Week of Dec 12 - Augusta, GA
Week of Dec 19 - Augusta, GA
Week of Dec 26 - Back to MA for some vacation...I have 11 days to kill somehow between all of that and the end of the year!!!

We're hoping to move directly into a new home, but anticipating the temporary housing if needed by mid to the end of January.

The REVS are going to the Eastern Conference Championship

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The REVS are going to the Eastern Conference Championship

Tonight, we bundled up in our winter gear...a few layers of shirts, pants, wool socks, gloves, hats, scarves and winter coats and headed to the Revolutions playoff game agains the New York Red Bulls. The remains of hurricane Noel swept through New England today, so not only did we have the cold November temperatures, but also wind and rain. Cold is one thing, but wet and cold is another!!

We upgraded our seats as this could have potentially been our last Revs game and we found ourselves on the second row at almost midfield.

We got to see all the action up close and it was so awesome to watch the game so close!! We could hear all the guys yelling at each other and actually see their faces!!!

The refs called a shitty game but in the end, the Revs came through 1-nil and will be playing in the Eastern Conference Championship this Thursday at Gilette Stadium again! We're going to head there again and hopefully watch the Revs win a spot into the National Championship!!!

Patricia and Darien’s Farewell Poker Game and Salem, MA

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Patricia and Darien’s Farewell Poker Game and Salem, MA

Last night, we decided to throw Darien and Patricia a going away party...and also play a little poker!! Yesterday morning, we got up, ran errands and Patricia and D drove in from CT around 5:00. They brought their Guitar Hero guitar and Patricia and I were glued to the game pretty much until guests started showing up! We had a small group this time, about 10 or so people. We grilled out, played cards and just hung out. These will be one of those things I'll miss about MA. Our Patricia and D...and the rest of our poker buddies. Gideon Resort and Casino's poker tournaments have flourished and we will miss them!!

After Darien won both the main poker game and the side match....and after everyone left, Patricia and I had to wait patiently for the Red Sox game to finish before we snuck in and raided the television and Guitar Hero!!! We are so into this game it is pathetic! Both of our husbands sat laughing and video-ing us as we dueled it out!!

The video is for our kids to watch mommy, when she actually had fun...apparently I am suppose to turn into a nagging, boring person after I have kids...

We stayed up until about 3:00 again playing until we all said our goodnights. Since Pachy and D moved last weekend into temporary housing, they shacked up with us for the evening.

This morning I was able to get up early enough to clean up from the party last night as well as get the floors cleaned and mopped...I'm meticulous about my hardwood floors....I just can't have dirty feet!!! We cooked a huge breakfast this morning and introduced biscuits and homemade gravy to Pachy...

We headed out to Salem, MA after breakfast as I've wanted to go there for Halloween now for a few years.....Boy....was I dissappointed. I was expecting some genuine Halloween stuff...and it was all covered by this touristy crap. Totally NOT what I was expecting. We ended up wandering around looking at the little booths set up...There was a ton of stuff going on for the holiday season...Salem, MA website...but it was hoaky....silly....not at all scary.... We eneded up going to a wax museum and through two haunted houses, but didn't really get anything from it. I had more fun at the Haunted House in Abington! And I learned nothing of the Witch Trials. I had to google it on my Blackberry on the way home and after reading about it....yes...remember....I'm bad with my totally shocked that the town embraces Halloween with all the people that were hung...not burned...because of alleged witchcraft. I guess every town needs income and a lot of people head to Salem, just like check it out!

We made the best of it and I always enjoy spending the day with Patricia and Darien. We parted ways around 5:00 and we headed to Fuddruckers for some much needed food. I had stuffed my face with Kettle Corn and candy all day and had the naseating sugar jitters!!!

Tomorrow...I'm off to Atlanta for a few days...

Neglecting the Knitting Blog

We are officially moving back down south! I have officially started work already in Augusta, GA and will commute / fly back and forth from GA to MA until mid January. In the midst of all the excitement, I realize that I am still neglecting the knitting AND the knitting blog. So, I'm being lazy and just copying some posts from my private blog!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A week of rest, sushi, haunted houses, Bruins hockey, Red Sox baseball and Revolution soccer

It didn't FEEL like a busy week, but as I think back to all that we've done...maybe it WAS sort of a busy week.

I was home for the week again...(yea!) and it was wonderful! Tuesday night, Brad had a company bowling tournament, which freed me up for the night to clean, clean, clean. For those of you who don't know my secret long as it's on my terms....I love to clean. I like to sweep all the cracks and crevices of the house and pile all the junk from the floors up and see all the dirt I just cleaned up! I like to have things organized and clean. Now, there are parts of the house in my cleaning endeavors that I pretend to overlook - such as our is crammed with mail and papers...and I just won't bring myself to organizing it just yet. Our sock drawer is something else I won't bring myself to organize. I know that there are many unmatched socks in there and I just won't bring myself to throwing those lonely socks out. Anyway....

Thursday, Mark and I headed out for sushi with Julie at work. We went to Fresh Catch and had ourselves a shit load of sushi...This was an $20 lunch...I ate every piece that I could....$20...I don't like spending that much on myself...for lunch...Brad and I actually spend about that much on dinner for the both of us!!!

Thursday night, Brad had to go to a vendor demonstration at the Boston Bruins game and then was able to watch the game, from the Blackberry vendor's luxury box. I figured this was my chance to go to a haunted house. Brad's not a very Halloween spirit kind of person - actually, Halloween is his least favorite holiday. As for me...the chicken that I am...I sitll like to spook myself out for the occasion. Mark mentioned his friend worked at a Haunted house in Abington and would be able to get us in for free. Judging by the $16 admission fee and the seemed like it would fun!

Mark came his brand spankin' new sweet ride of a car, a fully loaded hybrid pick me up and we headed out for dinner and a show. Dinner was eaten at a random place we passed by in Abinton, called the Great Chow and the show was the Barrett's Haunted Mansion. Mark's friend, Amy, met us outside on her stilts and full on costume and took us through the house. It was pretty darn good...I was impressed! With Amy working at the house (she's a chemist at our company and took the week off to work this haunted house), we got to hear how all the plans are done and how the house comes to be. We also got to meet a lot of the other workers of the house, including her scary clown husband! It was a great experience and I enjoyed watching all the volunteers and actors in full character, work the crowd. The kids....a different story. I don't know where these little pissy spoiled kids come from, but there were several times I wanted to smackakid....From what Amy filled us in on...the parents drop thier kids off at the haunted house each night and the parents go next door to the Ale House. So from 7:00 - 10:00, the kids have an instant babysitter called haunted house security. Here's a pic of me and Amy, who stayed in character pretty much the whole time we were there!

Wednesday and Thursday we were able to watch the Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies for two straight wins! I am totally not a baseball fan, but having the BoSox in the World Series, I want to be a part of the spirit! So I buckled down and watched game one and two with awe and amazement...those BoSox ARE good! If we had never moved here, I would never have the interest to watch the BoSox, but now, I know who Josh Beckett, Dice Kay, Mike Lowell, Big Pappi, Manni and many other players are...and I LIKE watching them play! I don't know...never was a big sports fan unless I had a passion for supporting them. UT football was really the only thing that I was rooting on there for a while. Now, I love my boys on the Revolutions team and now am starting to feel the same way for the Red Sox. I also got to see a Balk for the first time during Game 1. Something I never knew existed...for those of you that don't know...look it up and read about it. Who knew there were so many rules in baseball!!

We also got to see our Revs play in the semi finals against New York. Although it was a scoreless game, we look forward to New York coming to Gilette stadium and playing next week as we upgraded our seats to section 117 on the second row...which is oh so close to midfield! Can't wait to see my boys in action!!!