Thursday, May 31, 2007

I was tagged

I was finally tagged - I've seen several bloggers I frequent get tagged and was beginning to think that no one loved me...until now!

So here's how it works if you haven't seen it yet...

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven other people and list their names on your blog. Then you leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

So - seven random facts...this is going to be hard.

1) I secretly like to pick my nose...only with a kleenex or tissue around (or something I can wipe the boogies on) - I like a good clean nostril. I guess it's no secret anymore.

2) I cry when I get really angry and then get mad that I've cried over it...and cry some more.

3) I LOVE Real World / Road Rules challenges. I used to be addicted to the shows years ago and wanted to be on the show during college, but never applied!!

4) I want to be a writer.

5) I was spit at by a group of people in downtown Greenville once as they were yelling at me to go back to my home country. The only thing was - they were making Mexican jokes and slurs - do I NOT look Asian enough?

6) I was a guest DJ on a local rock radio morning show in South Carolina before I moved to MA.

7) I used to have my tongue pierced.

Now the even tougher part - I have to tag seven other people...

I don't know seven other bloggers that I could pass this on to...does that mean I'll have bad luck for the rest of my life?

Monday, May 14, 2007

My socks, my book and Tom Hanks

What do all three of those have in common? They are all stuck on an island somewhere and NOT where they are suppose to be! My socks and book are stuck on an island along with other FedEx packages undelivered...maybe one day Tom Hanks will arrive at Rhonda's doorstep and deliver them...damn - I forgot to put the angel wings on them!!

But yes, it is official, FedEx has lost my package. When they asked the value of the contents, I wanted to say - PRICELESS!!! How I loved those socks and how I loved that sock I waited for the perfect pattern for them...oh well. Now I can go back to the yarn store in Norton and pick up the Black Walnut color again! I'll end up using the new Claudia's I purchased to re-knit socks for Rhonda again...sad, very sad....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A fix for the sock yarn junkie

Today was a girls day out as my husband went to Motorcycle Rider Safety school for the entire day. I met Patricia and we headed out to the Yarn Shoppe in Norton, MA. The store had a sale going on, so I had to buy some Debbie Bliss Alpaca as she is going to discontinue it at her store. Pretty isn't it? This is going to be stash reserved especially for those last minute baby gifts that I'll need to knit in a pinch...

I also saw that she had a sale on sock yarn too and seeing as how I have never used self striping, saw that she had a good deal on Opal. I've never heard of this yarn before and I'm not too keen on the color, but thought I'd try it out.

And then I saw my favorite sock yarn, Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn. I wanted to pick up the Black Walnut color as my eyes were immediately drawn to those colors again, but since I had already bought and used that color, thought I should venture on to a different color. I was happy with my purchase. The pic is a little dark, but you get the idea...

Then Pachy and I headed to buy some fabric. She recently purchased this great book on different curtain patterns and I am in desperate need of curtains. I only have these cheap Roman blinds I picked up at Ikea when we first moved into our house and they are getting on my nerves. We stopped at Joanne's and picked out a few yards of fabric that I, unfortunately, do not have any pics of. We're going to make them for my small kitchen window first to see if I like them, then replicate it for the rest of my windows. We didn't quite get finished with them as we indulged in some Hibachi for lunch...and a few drinks. Not to mention a couple of glasses of Bailey's back at her we were a little distracted. I will head over tomorrow to finish up and will hopefully have the end result posted tomorrow!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The time of the baby makers and sock yarn obsessions

Holy crap...everyone is having babies. And I'm not talking about a few people either...everybody!

I FINALLY finished Christa's blanket..s. I used two Ann Norling patterns. Her patterns are pretty easy and it takes a short time to memorize the pattern so I didn't have to lug the pattern with me on the flights.

Christa ended up having twins on us which made her knitted baby blanket, plural. I have been working on them since Christmas, sometimes not really being motivated to work on them. I get bored with things (reference knitting ADD post below) but finally was able to finish the last blanket on my trip this week to Mexico City. To be honest with you, I've only worked on those blankets during international flights...Both of them! I went to Mexico City, twice. I went to Ireland and the UK twice. All four trips, I had and finished Christa's blankets on...I think only because I had nothing else to do on the flight!

So those are ready to be washed and shipped to GA! Her twins were born a few months ago, but only weigh about 10lbs now, so the blankets will hopefully still be useful. I ditched the idea to make booties and hats instead of the blankets.

Well, now that those were done, I thought - yeah, no more babies. Then two of my friends notify me that they are too, in fact, pregnant. Although I could just knit them booties and a hat, I just think, to the non-knitter, a hand knitted baby blanket has a little bit more meaning. Don't you think? Maybe it's just me, but that's how I feel. Luckily, I have a 8 hour blanket pattern by Plymouth. I made this one for a girl at work and it turned out gorgeous. It does knit up pretty quickly, as you use two strands of Encore held together on size 10 needles.

TO TOP THIS OFF - I shipped the socks off to Rhonda along with my favorite book in the whole world...and FEDEX LOST THE PACKAGE!! I spent a whopping $45 to ship it overnight and two weeks later, still no package. I have to file a claim next week, but I'm utterly pissed that my first pair of socks and my favorite book have gone missing. Those two things are completely meaningless to anyone else that would happen to get them...why, God, why?

I have also procrastinated going to the LYS to pick up the overstitch yarn for Rhonda's purse. I've finished both sides of the purse and am waiting to do the gussett of the purse until I do the overstitch. I'm heading off for a girls day tomorrow with Patricia, while my husband goes off to motorcycle safety school for the weekend. His last attempt to hold onto his 20's as he prepares to buy his first motorcycle. SO - that leaves the day to me and Pachy. We're going to buy some material to make curtains - I have no idea how to sew, but she is going to teach me...and how hard can curtains be? If all else fails, I can buy the iron on strips to make the curtains, right?

Then we're heading off to the LYS to buy more yarn. I need more sock yarn...I'm addicted to sock yarn now. It's all I can think of...sock yarn, sock yarn, sock yarn.....I need to feed my addiction, only to procrastinate when I buy it. I just feel safe knowing that I have some. I'm a weirdo...please tell me there are other sock yarn weirdos out there...we can start a group. "Hi, I'm Jennifer and I have a sock yarn obsession." "Hi Jennifer."