Friday, August 24, 2007

West Coast vs East Coast

Okay - no actual knitting myspace blog is down and I'm in the mood to write...or ramble really....since it's 11:00 pm here, but my body thinks it is 8:00...

I spent this week in San Diego as I had some business to attend to in Mexico this week. I flew back to Boston today after just getting used to the time difference. I love California. I'm a southern girl. I'm a little soft around the edges. So adjusting to living in Mass has been difficult - I've finally adjusted, but know I don't belong here. I plan on moving back down south as soon as the opportunity presents itself, but am glad to say I've lived in New England. One of the biggest things I'll miss is my New England Revolution soccer team. We have season tickets and I love watching those boys play...I'll always be a Revs fan.

But California is different. The West Coast is more...inviting for a better word. Maybe it's because I haven't spent a whole lot of time there, but the pace - although fast, is inviting. I will say that in San Diego - most everyone there is beautiful. As I stood outside my hotel on 6th and Broadway in downtown, smoking my cigarette in between working and watching TV in my tee shirt and adidas shorts, I couldn't help but feel like one of the bums wandering around downtown. Everyone in the city is dressed chic and is just beautiful...except the bums...and I was one of them! I had great sushi every night from a place called RA Sushi. Talk about trendy. The food was great (I had sushi every night except one - the day that I had sushi for lunch) but that place is ultra trendy and this country girl felt out of place, but people were nice. The pretty people talk to you there!

There is a fabulous yarn store in San Diego, only been there a few times and keep meaning to go back, but can't seem to get back across the border in time to make it.

Today on my way to the airport in San Diego, I was waiting for valet to bring my car around. As I was waiting, having my cigarrette, I noticed a man waiting for a cab. With San Diego bringing out my old southern roots, I kindly asked the man if he was heading to the airport. He said yes and I offered to drive him there since I had a car and was heading there myself. I made sure to ask if he was a crazy person before letting him in the car. On the way to the airport, I found out all kinds of interesting stuff about this guy. HE'S FROM TENNESSEE TOO! He played college football for Vandy! He now works for Southwest while he's getting his masters and he was in San Diego for their annual Spirit party. (I wished I had met him the night before...I could have at least gotten out to see the city.) It was just an amazing thing to meet a random person, someone that you may have never met before and catch a tiny glimpse into their lives. Now - I do realize that he could have been filling me with a bunch of crap, but it entertained me until we parted ways at the airport terminal. I have met so many interesting people with my traveling job...people that I have become true friends with. Although this man wasn't one of those true friends, he was my entertainment in San Diego and it made my morning so much more interesting than the lonely, quiet drives back to the airport.

I hate talking at airports and on airplanes. I used to love it...until I found out that when you're on a plane...and you're done talking...there's not a whole lot you can do when the other person isn't done talking. Enter IPOD and knitting...this has been a pretty good deterrent for the most part. Every now and then, I'll end up sitting next to a knitter on a plane with no knitting project and we'll talk about knitting which is great....

Hmmm....I had a thought....

I do travel almost every week - I looked at my calendar and have been traveling for the past 8 weeks...I should try to find some other bloggers to go and knit with...

Next time I'm in San Diego, I'll post it!

I'm in Boulder, CO next week...any knitters out there that want to meet up and knit? I have a pair of socks I can't seem to finish...the motivation would help!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To read...or To knit

I don't know how many of you other knitters out there face this have a knitting project you have to complete (or several) and you have a book that you are dying to do you pick?

I was on a 6 hour flight the middle seat...and I brought my socks from the previous post that I can't seem to finish...and Harry Potter....I have been saving the book for a moment that I knew I could dedicate some serious time and what better time than a six hour flight?!

Being in the middle seat, between to older gentlemen that refuse to give up the armrests...I decided reading might be the best option...with knitting I need my elbow space.

In and out of sleepy time, I got quite a bit of reading into the book - WHICH I'M IN LOVE WITH...but wimpering with each page b/c I know it will be the last book....

But then my poor socks are calling my name saying, "Just the foot and toe...that's all that's left and I can be complete...come on...Harry can wait....I need to be finished so I can go to Rhonda for her birthday that was last''ll see her in a month and I really need to get finished...Rhonda also wanted that felted purse that you're only halfway finished with...Harry can it....put down the book...quit working....and pick up the damn needles..."

Does anyones else's project harass them like this?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Why, God, why cannot I not seem to finish these socks?! Please, God - give me strength to finish.

It has been a good week as I have been surrounded by good people this week. Work is going well now and my life is back to normal. Isn't it funny how one small thing in your life can completely knock it off balance?! I tell you - my faith and prayer have come through with this whole work thing. I've prayed so hard and the praying worked...that whole mustard seed story in the bible...I used to have a pin with a mustard seed when I was little to remind me. It's funny how we get older and forget those simple things and sometimes get to a point where we question our faith...

Just got to get on track with knitting!!! Have you ever wanted to knit SO much and you had so many projects on the needles and in your head that it just bogged all of your knitting down altogether?!

On the needles: 3 pairs of socks, a baby blanket, fingerless mittens (for next winter), a felted purse, and a scarf....ew - and a partridge in a pear tree...I used to think that song said bear tree...what's a bear tree?!