Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Countdown

As Christmas is nearing - I am slowly finishing my knitted Christmas gifts with a few that will be delayed. My 4 year old niece, Anna B, is all about the fashion and she's all about the pink. So rather than buying her toys, her parents said a scarf would be perfect. So, during a trip to Ewe'll Love It Yarn store in Nashua, NH, I found some beautiful Rowan Romance yarn in pink and immediately thought of Anna B. I used a Diagonal texture pattern out of The Harmony's Guide 440 more Knitted Stitches Volume 3 and my finished product looked like this.

I also knitted her another scarf with a matching hat and the same for a teddy bear for her. I used pink Baby Soft Lana Gatto yarn and Ann Norling's basic hat pattern for the hat. I used a waffle stitch pattern from the Knitted Stitches book and I think it turned out very cute!

I also finished my entrelac attempt of a scarf for my girlfriend Rhonda. That picture can be found on my MySpace blog - as I've written an entire blog about entrelac being the devil!!

AND - last but not least, I finished one of three baby blankets for some cousins that are expecting. Stephanie is expecting a girl, so I knit a small car seat blanket for her made out of some cotton fleece from Ewe'll Love It. It came highly recommended as a washable yarn, so I went with it. I originally bought 5 skeins, but after knitting for a few weeks on size 6 needles, I decided to make it a "car seat" blanket - the termed coined by my knitting master, Carrie! So I have 2 skeins left to go towards my stash! I also used a Brick and Garter Ann Norling pattern for the blanket.

As we are leaving tomorrow morning for Christmas in Tennessee, I plan to work on some mittens for Rhonda using a pattern from I won't see her until Thursday night, so I'll hopefully be able to finish them by then!!

As I'll be in the sticks of Tennessee with no internet access - my blog will be on hold until Friday when I'll be back. Hopefully I'll post the mittens to complete my Christmas knitted finished objects!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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