Saturday, May 12, 2007

A fix for the sock yarn junkie

Today was a girls day out as my husband went to Motorcycle Rider Safety school for the entire day. I met Patricia and we headed out to the Yarn Shoppe in Norton, MA. The store had a sale going on, so I had to buy some Debbie Bliss Alpaca as she is going to discontinue it at her store. Pretty isn't it? This is going to be stash reserved especially for those last minute baby gifts that I'll need to knit in a pinch...

I also saw that she had a sale on sock yarn too and seeing as how I have never used self striping, saw that she had a good deal on Opal. I've never heard of this yarn before and I'm not too keen on the color, but thought I'd try it out.

And then I saw my favorite sock yarn, Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn. I wanted to pick up the Black Walnut color as my eyes were immediately drawn to those colors again, but since I had already bought and used that color, thought I should venture on to a different color. I was happy with my purchase. The pic is a little dark, but you get the idea...

Then Pachy and I headed to buy some fabric. She recently purchased this great book on different curtain patterns and I am in desperate need of curtains. I only have these cheap Roman blinds I picked up at Ikea when we first moved into our house and they are getting on my nerves. We stopped at Joanne's and picked out a few yards of fabric that I, unfortunately, do not have any pics of. We're going to make them for my small kitchen window first to see if I like them, then replicate it for the rest of my windows. We didn't quite get finished with them as we indulged in some Hibachi for lunch...and a few drinks. Not to mention a couple of glasses of Bailey's back at her we were a little distracted. I will head over tomorrow to finish up and will hopefully have the end result posted tomorrow!

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