Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lazy Knitter

I haven't been blogging lately on this page as I haven't been knitting! We've had so much going on the past 4 weeks, that I have really saved the knitting for traveling. I have been in the office for the past 2 weeks so there hasn't been much knitting going on.

I have been working on another pair of socks for Rhonda - I swear she thinks I never sent her the first pair...and I managed to finish one on my last trip. I cast on the second pair, but last weekend when we were camping, I pulled it out to work on it a bit and ONE OF MY NEEDLES BROKE...gasp. I'm very sad. The other pair of socks I have on needles I tore out as I didn't really like the plain stockinette on the self striping yarn (and the pattern I was using called for all 5 needles when I got to the heel...I lost one, so I only have 4)....I took this unraveled sock with me to Boston on the 4th to work on it a bit while on the T - and got through the first couple of rows and realized it wasn't a k1p1 I'll end up tearing that one out again...

I need to buy some yarn to make Wendy a baby blanket to match her Buffalo Bills themed room for her baby Nicholas due in a few weeks. Greg is a huge Bills fan...for their baby shower...their uber rich friends got Nicholas an autographed helmet by Doug Flutie...these guys know Flutie personally so Greg has his whole nursery in Bills stuff. They even special ordered a handmade baby crib blanket I told them I would give them a baby blanket to match! Patricia and I took a trip to our LYS and she's closed for the week out on vacation...damn it! I also bought Wendy a sitting fee to a great photographer in Queensbury, NY so she can either go and have some beautiful belly picture before Nicholas arrives, or their first family pictures. They have been trying for so long and have had miscarriages after miscarriages - so this baby truly is a special baby!

Other than that...I've been a lazy knitter. I've mainly been blogging on my other site as we've had so much going on...In laws visiting, brothers visiting, camping in New Hampshire and soon Six Flags...I'll be traveling this upcoming week to St. Louis - so I'll be knitting a little on the plane. I love St. Louis because the casino is so close and I love their poker room! I typically can leave there break even after hours of poker - which beats sitting in my hotel room...and I've been getting the poker itch lately - so this trip comes just in time!!

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Joan said...

It's easy to be a lazy knitter in the summer.You'll kick back in when the stores fill with Fall clothes in few weeks. ;-p