Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To read...or To knit

I don't know how many of you other knitters out there face this dilemma...you have a knitting project you have to complete (or several) and you have a book that you are dying to read....how do you pick?

I was on a 6 hour flight Monday...in the middle seat...and I brought my socks from the previous post that I can't seem to finish...and Harry Potter....I have been saving the book for a moment that I knew I could dedicate some serious time and what better time than a six hour flight?!

Being in the middle seat, between to older gentlemen that refuse to give up the armrests...I decided reading might be the best option...with knitting I need my elbow space.

In and out of sleepy time, I got quite a bit of reading into the book - WHICH I'M IN LOVE WITH...but wimpering with each page b/c I know it will be the last book....

But then my poor socks are calling my name saying, "Just the foot and toe...that's all that's left and I can be complete...come on...Harry can wait....I need to be finished so I can go to Rhonda for her birthday that was last April....you''ll see her in a month and I really need to get finished...Rhonda also wanted that felted purse that you're only halfway finished with...Harry can wait...J....do it....put down the book...quit working....and pick up the damn needles..."

Does anyones else's project harass them like this?

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