Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Galway, Ireland

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This morning, I found it VERY hard to get out of bed. In my apartment, there are no TV's in the bedroom and I could not fall asleep in the big comfy bed...I had to drag my banky upstairs on the leather loveseat and watch TV until I passed out...I even took one of my prescription sleeping pills...and I think that may have been what done the trick.

I met the driver this morning and he took me to the site. Training went well and we were able to finish early enough.

And...thanks to my good looks and charm...I managed to con someone into taking me to the Cliffs of Moher...which was no small drive. It was an hour and a half drive through typical narrow and curvy roads, but the views were spectacular. It had been down pouring rain earlier today, but God managed to clear up the sky for a gorgeous evening at the Cliffs....

And it wasn't my charm and good looks that got me the trip was really a friend from the Athlone facility that I guilted into taking me...."This may be my last trip to Ireland (blink, blink...sad face...blink, blink)"

And check out the pics...they don't do it justice and I've only attached a few of the gazillion pictures I took!

We got a little lost coming back down, but made it back to meet a few ladies for a late dinner. We ended up walking down to the city centre of Galway and having a lovely dinner at a pub. I had a "gorgeous" dinner (as they say when referring to food) and then we had a nice stroll back to the hotel.

Now, it is after midnight and I'm exhausted. I don't really plan on doing much else in Galway while I'm here...I may go out to a pub one night for some live Irish music, but is is Not going to compare to the Tullamore pub and their Irish music...the bar was set high...

Till next time...

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