Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Since my other blog is a private blog, I've decided to share some of those and start copying my posts on the knitting blog as I don't seem so boring...I actually do stuff!!

Sunday October 7, 2007

Sunrises, Plymouth, Guitar Hero and Breakfast

...Are all the things that we did this weekend!

I might have the greatest husband in the world. He has been absolutely wonderful dealing with this travel thing and me not being around. We spent last weekend just hanging out together. He helped me make breakfast and we just truly spent some quality time together.

This weekend, he planned a trip to Plymouth beach to watch the sunrise. So, Saturday morning, we got up at 5:00 am and packed up Lando and some stuff and headed out to the beach. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and we didn't get ot see a clear sunrise, but it did give us the opportunity to get Lando out and play on the beach. But the colors were gorgeous, with the dark grey contrast of the clouds.

We also realized that as big and tough as Lando is...he's a big chicken. He was terrified of the small crashing waves of the beach and really just wanted to sniff around the beach. He wasn't really even interested in running around.

We then packed up and just drove around Plymouth. We stopped by Plymouth Rock again, so I could take a quick picture of the sad little Plymouth Rock and Lando waited patiently for me to return. You can see how small the rock is with the footprints next to it...

We then started to head back and then we came across the Monument of our Forefathers, or something like that. It was really BIG, so we decided to stop and check it out. That tiny orange thing is Brad...

Then we headed back for a little nappy time...Lando truly loves riding in the car and I get a lot of enjoyment watching the other drivers stare at Lando with his head sticking out of the window and his cheeks flapping in the wind!!

We then went to our favorite place in Mass to eat...Cracker Barrell and headed to the mall to walk off all the unnecessary food we just inhaled...

My nephew's birthday was yesterday, so we stopped by EB Games to get him a gift...while were there...we bought us a little something...Guitar Hero. We got home and immediately put it into the PS2 and I played ALL NIGHT...My wrist is sore from playing it so much. This is my new favorite least for a little while.

This morning, Brad woke up before me...(I couldn't get to sleep last night b/c my wrist was hurting so much!) and when I woke up, he had gone to Dunkin' and gotten a Jug of Coffee and then went to the grocery store and bought breakfast supplies. I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs and biscuits cooking in the kitchen. It has been a wonderful weekend.

I leave in a few hours to head to Galway, Ireland. After this trip, my tour of Ireland will be complete as I will have seen each part of Ireland, West (Galway), North (Belfast), South (Cork), East (Dublin) and most things in between. I'm a little excited about going as I'll arrive Monday morning into Shannon at 6:30 am and will have the day to play in Galway...but I'm a little sad that I'm going alone. The last time I was in Ireland, Brad tagged along and it was great...we had the best time. Guess I'll have to entertain myself...I'm currently looking for double decker bus tours for Monday morning.

Till tomorrow...I'll be writing from Ireland...

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