Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A great day to be a New England Revolution!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A great day to be a New England Revolution!!
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Tonight was the Eastern Conference Major League Soccer Championship hosted by the New England Revolution at home in Gillette stadium.

We decided that even though it was a school night (I just can't bring myself to call it a work night yet) that we would go and watch our boys take home the title. We got ourselves a little closer to midfield this time in section 110 on the fourth row and our seats were magnificent. It was a perfect New England November night, clear sky, and 30 something degrees. No rain, no wind...only the cold chill and some great soccer.

We played the Chicago Fire and what an exciting game. The Fire definitely outplayed us, however, toward the end of the first half (and Brad gone to the bathroom) Twellman scored a beautiful goal...a bicycle kick into the net! I peed my pants and banged my knee on the seat in front of me simultaneously as I jumped up and down in celebration with the rest of the crowd...literally...peed my pants a little....I spent the next 10 minutes rubbing the soon to be black and blue knee.

I must say, of all the sections in the stadium...we belong in the upper middle section. I'm not saying that because obviously they are great seats. I'm saying that because I've realized what the people are like in the various sections.

Endzone 1: The Fort - This is where a majority of the die hard season ticketed fans sit...or shall I say stand. They are the tireless group of fans that chant, clap and make noise the entire game. I love that we have that section - would never sit there....too tiring - I wouldn't make it a whole game.

Section 101-103: Older season ticket holders - Where our season tickets were...Older fans sit there to watch the game. Moderately priced seats, but no excitement - only older people there to sit and enjoy the game...quietly.

Endzone 2: CHEAP SEATS - this is where the cheapest tickets are and not to be discrimatory - this is where a lot of the Latino community sit and pretty much root AGAINST the Revs and American Soccer. No one really sits in their own seats....they just sit wherever they don't get booted out.

Mid section: TRUE BLUE soccer fans...and when I say true blue, I mean, can sit there with intensity, truly follow the game and make noise when necessary. I love this section. We were loud when we needed to be and focused on the game when it was necessary. I sat on the edge of my seat, literally, the whole second half. It was a fantastic game.

WE WON 1-nil!!! We stayed and watched the ceremony afterward and yelled and screamed with the stadium as the Revs took their 3rd Eastern Conference Championship...Let's pray for a National Championship...The Revs have gone on numerous occasions....but have yet to bring home the championship...Let this be the year!!!

And a move update:

1 appraisal and the moving company survey / visit down

1 more appraisal and two realtor meetings to go....tomorrow...almost done.

Next Friday is my last day at the office....It will shake down like this:

Week of Nov 19 - Augusta, GA
Week of Nov 26 - San Diego, CA
Week of Dec 3 - Orlando (Deland), FL
Week of Dec 12 - Augusta, GA
Week of Dec 19 - Augusta, GA
Week of Dec 26 - Back to MA for some vacation...I have 11 days to kill somehow between all of that and the end of the year!!!

We're hoping to move directly into a new home, but anticipating the temporary housing if needed by mid to the end of January.

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