Wednesday, November 28, 2007

International Beerfest 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

International Beerfest 2007

Saturday night, we attended America's Largest International Beerfest with some friends in Providence, RI. I was not really looking forward to the event because for whatever reason, I haven't really drunk a whole lot since we've moved to MA. I can honestly say, I've only been drunk maybe twice in the past two years. I suppose that means I'm growing up, but for a long while, I have no urge to drink...

We get to Providence fairly early and get a chance to stop by the food court at Providence Place to get a slice of pizza. Then we headed off to the festival.

Now there are lines, and there are Beerfest lines. There was a line to get your pre-purchased tickets from Will Call, there was a line to get your ID checked, there was a line to have your ticket scanned, there was a line to get to the escalator, there was a line to get ON the escalator, there was a line once you got off the escalator, there was a line to get into the ballroom that the beer festival was in and then there was a line at all the beer vendors that were there.

When you walk in, there is someone that gives you a dixie cup - holds about 5 oz of liquid. You stand in line at each vendor and they give you a little taste. We had everything from pumpkin beer, to IPA, to stouts, to light beer, to peach, blueberry, rasberry beer. The best part was watching everyone (including myself) slowly digress throughout the night. You wouldn't think that the small amounts of beer would do you in, but they do!! As soon as we got our beer sample from one vendor, we would immediately get in line for the next and before you knew it, everyone had sloppy eyes and walks!!

A few hours into it and I was done. I sat on the sidelines and people watched.

We left the beer festival around 9:00 (3 hours later) and headed to Dave and Busters for some late night gaming and more beer. As soon as I walked in and saw the crowds, I wanted to turn around and go home.

Not only did I hate the crowds at the beerfestival...I hate the bars now. The meat market bars anyway. I can handle a laid back pub anyday, but I'm so done with crowds. We stayed long enough to get a table, order some much needed appetizers, play a few games and then head out.

Everyone came back to our place and, of course, played Guitar Hero. I immediately went to be and about 3 hours later, Brad and the rest of the gang finally decided to call it quits.

So we're pretty tired today, but happy b/c this is my last week in MA for work, anyway.

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