Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Neglecting the Knitting Blog

We are officially moving back down south! I have officially started work already in Augusta, GA and will commute / fly back and forth from GA to MA until mid January. In the midst of all the excitement, I realize that I am still neglecting the knitting AND the knitting blog. So, I'm being lazy and just copying some posts from my private blog!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A week of rest, sushi, haunted houses, Bruins hockey, Red Sox baseball and Revolution soccer

It didn't FEEL like a busy week, but as I think back to all that we've done...maybe it WAS sort of a busy week.

I was home for the week again...(yea!) and it was wonderful! Tuesday night, Brad had a company bowling tournament, which freed me up for the night to clean, clean, clean. For those of you who don't know my secret long as it's on my terms....I love to clean. I like to sweep all the cracks and crevices of the house and pile all the junk from the floors up and see all the dirt I just cleaned up! I like to have things organized and clean. Now, there are parts of the house in my cleaning endeavors that I pretend to overlook - such as our is crammed with mail and papers...and I just won't bring myself to organizing it just yet. Our sock drawer is something else I won't bring myself to organize. I know that there are many unmatched socks in there and I just won't bring myself to throwing those lonely socks out. Anyway....

Thursday, Mark and I headed out for sushi with Julie at work. We went to Fresh Catch and had ourselves a shit load of sushi...This was an $20 lunch...I ate every piece that I could....$20...I don't like spending that much on myself...for lunch...Brad and I actually spend about that much on dinner for the both of us!!!

Thursday night, Brad had to go to a vendor demonstration at the Boston Bruins game and then was able to watch the game, from the Blackberry vendor's luxury box. I figured this was my chance to go to a haunted house. Brad's not a very Halloween spirit kind of person - actually, Halloween is his least favorite holiday. As for me...the chicken that I am...I sitll like to spook myself out for the occasion. Mark mentioned his friend worked at a Haunted house in Abington and would be able to get us in for free. Judging by the $16 admission fee and the seemed like it would fun!

Mark came his brand spankin' new sweet ride of a car, a fully loaded hybrid pick me up and we headed out for dinner and a show. Dinner was eaten at a random place we passed by in Abinton, called the Great Chow and the show was the Barrett's Haunted Mansion. Mark's friend, Amy, met us outside on her stilts and full on costume and took us through the house. It was pretty darn good...I was impressed! With Amy working at the house (she's a chemist at our company and took the week off to work this haunted house), we got to hear how all the plans are done and how the house comes to be. We also got to meet a lot of the other workers of the house, including her scary clown husband! It was a great experience and I enjoyed watching all the volunteers and actors in full character, work the crowd. The kids....a different story. I don't know where these little pissy spoiled kids come from, but there were several times I wanted to smackakid....From what Amy filled us in on...the parents drop thier kids off at the haunted house each night and the parents go next door to the Ale House. So from 7:00 - 10:00, the kids have an instant babysitter called haunted house security. Here's a pic of me and Amy, who stayed in character pretty much the whole time we were there!

Wednesday and Thursday we were able to watch the Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies for two straight wins! I am totally not a baseball fan, but having the BoSox in the World Series, I want to be a part of the spirit! So I buckled down and watched game one and two with awe and amazement...those BoSox ARE good! If we had never moved here, I would never have the interest to watch the BoSox, but now, I know who Josh Beckett, Dice Kay, Mike Lowell, Big Pappi, Manni and many other players are...and I LIKE watching them play! I don't know...never was a big sports fan unless I had a passion for supporting them. UT football was really the only thing that I was rooting on there for a while. Now, I love my boys on the Revolutions team and now am starting to feel the same way for the Red Sox. I also got to see a Balk for the first time during Game 1. Something I never knew existed...for those of you that don't know...look it up and read about it. Who knew there were so many rules in baseball!!

We also got to see our Revs play in the semi finals against New York. Although it was a scoreless game, we look forward to New York coming to Gilette stadium and playing next week as we upgraded our seats to section 117 on the second row...which is oh so close to midfield! Can't wait to see my boys in action!!!

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