Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Patricia and Darien’s Farewell Poker Game and Salem, MA

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Patricia and Darien’s Farewell Poker Game and Salem, MA

Last night, we decided to throw Darien and Patricia a going away party...and also play a little poker!! Yesterday morning, we got up, ran errands and Patricia and D drove in from CT around 5:00. They brought their Guitar Hero guitar and Patricia and I were glued to the game pretty much until guests started showing up! We had a small group this time, about 10 or so people. We grilled out, played cards and just hung out. These will be one of those things I'll miss about MA. Our Patricia and D...and the rest of our poker buddies. Gideon Resort and Casino's poker tournaments have flourished and we will miss them!!

After Darien won both the main poker game and the side match....and after everyone left, Patricia and I had to wait patiently for the Red Sox game to finish before we snuck in and raided the television and Guitar Hero!!! We are so into this game it is pathetic! Both of our husbands sat laughing and video-ing us as we dueled it out!!

The video is for our kids to watch mommy, when she actually had fun...apparently I am suppose to turn into a nagging, boring person after I have kids...

We stayed up until about 3:00 again playing until we all said our goodnights. Since Pachy and D moved last weekend into temporary housing, they shacked up with us for the evening.

This morning I was able to get up early enough to clean up from the party last night as well as get the floors cleaned and mopped...I'm meticulous about my hardwood floors....I just can't have dirty feet!!! We cooked a huge breakfast this morning and introduced biscuits and homemade gravy to Pachy...

We headed out to Salem, MA after breakfast as I've wanted to go there for Halloween now for a few years.....Boy....was I dissappointed. I was expecting some genuine Halloween stuff...and it was all covered by this touristy crap. Totally NOT what I was expecting. We ended up wandering around looking at the little booths set up...There was a ton of stuff going on for the holiday season...Salem, MA website...but it was hoaky....silly....not at all scary.... We eneded up going to a wax museum and through two haunted houses, but didn't really get anything from it. I had more fun at the Haunted House in Abington! And I learned nothing of the Witch Trials. I had to google it on my Blackberry on the way home and after reading about it....yes...remember....I'm bad with my totally shocked that the town embraces Halloween with all the people that were hung...not burned...because of alleged witchcraft. I guess every town needs income and a lot of people head to Salem, just like check it out!

We made the best of it and I always enjoy spending the day with Patricia and Darien. We parted ways around 5:00 and we headed to Fuddruckers for some much needed food. I had stuffed my face with Kettle Corn and candy all day and had the naseating sugar jitters!!!

Tomorrow...I'm off to Atlanta for a few days...

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