Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Ravelry Newbie

A few months ago, I was finally invited to Ravelry.

With all the new stuff going on with preparing for the move and traveling back and forth between GA and MA, I haven't had any time to set it up and upload things to it. Well, actually I have had time, but have chosen to relish in the fact that I've been home with the hubby for a few weeks. So, tonight I've decided to dabble in it and have decided, I am going to have to dedicate some real time to it! I will be back in GA on the second of January and will have a few weeks to a hotel and will hopefully muster up the strength to dabble some more!

As far as my holidays went - fantastic! We did nothing!! We did NO family stuff this year, which I love my family...but with all the travel, did not want to spend the holidays traveling more...

We cooked, painted, shopped....lounged...ate.....and lounged some more!

All to gear up for more away time from the hubby until he gets moved into temp housing with me!!


Joan said...

I love lounging! ;-}

Happy New Year!!

Look for me on Ravelry: vamanta

Crazy Natters said..., did you set it up?