Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A new way to celebrate Turkey Day

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A new way to celebrate Turkey Day

So Monday, the 19th, was my first official day working in Augusta. This was kind of a short week since the holidays, but my new manager was going to be starting on Monday, so I wanted to be there when she started. It was an overwhelming and interesting week. I started the week off by traveling on Sunday and by flying back on Wednesday, only the busiest travel day of the year...but all was well and I made it back okay.

I did a lot my first week, including look at some really good real estate. I found the perfect home for us, however, it needs some interior kitchen, new bathroom, new floors and new walls (its all 1950's wallpaper...even on the ceiling!) on two acres of land. It is a well built home, our realtor believes an architect was involved. It was built in 1950 and the woman just happened to pass away this week. She's been in a nursing home for quite a while, but I think that she was the original owner. There is an additional 17 acres of land behind the property, but that will be an option to buy once someone purchases the house. It would be a perfect home - 5 bedrooms, lots of room, great landscaping and just a great, well built house. However, it would need about 30,000 dollars worth of work, but all cosmetic. They are asking for 268,000, but the judge who is overseeing the property and trying to sell it is basically trying to get rid of it and our realtor thinks we could get away with 220,000. HOWEVER...let's face it, Brad and I are not handy fix it upper kind of people and we are seriously looking at taking a huge hit on our house in MA, losing all of our equity and potentially more. So, we have to look for something that would not need any additional money. I looked at 4 other homes, all either with lots of land and an old home, or wooded lots with a gorgeous new home. All within our price range...we'll see. Brad is coming down with me in Dec so he'll be able to help me better judge what will be our next future home.

I arrived home yesterday and today we went to Foxwoods to celebrate Thanksgiving. We decided to take this year and the holidays and make it our own. No family, just us. We've been apart so long, with my travels, that we just wanted to hang out. Besides, after we move back, we'll have all the family time in the world!

We decided to take some money and just go and have fun and DE-STRESS! We met Patricia and Darien and played poker for almost 10 hours. It was a lot of fun, although all of our money went back to the Indian community, which as Brad mentioned, is just a way for us to give back to those that created Thanksgiving Day for us in the first place!

I was totally bummed that we didn't win, but then again, we never win. But, we had set aside that money just for our gambling turkey day. Much to my surprise and ladies - I have to say - I have the best husband in the world...Brad had a bit of surprise for me. As we were leaving the casino, Brad told me he had been saving up a separate stash for a shopping spree for us...and only us. To buy clothes, shoes, whatever we needed. He had been saving up a little here and there, so it was almost like free money!! I was so excited! He had also meticulously cleaned the house for me Wed so I don't have a thing to do until I have to go back to Augusta on Monday.


My mom also kept with the new tradition and went to the casino on Thanksgiving in NC. Just like her daughter, she lost all of her gambling money as well. Like mother, like daughter.

We have movie day set aside for tomorrow - Black Friday, so we don't have to get out and face the crowds...I love my husband.

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