Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A day in the hotel room

Picture a girl...hiking in the mountains of the wilderness, then falling into a cave and being stuck there for days on end....enter Jennifer:

It's going on the 8th day here in the cave (hotel).....just kidding. I intro'd that for dramatic effect...

It is my 8th day here in Augusta since New Year's and I've done well to keep myself busy. I decided to stay in Augusta over the weekend rather than driving 5 hours to my mom's house. I joined the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League here in Northern Georgia that plays at a different venue every night except Friday nights. I have made some new friends...although they'll never compare to the friends that I've made in my first league in New England!

The league here is pretty good, very serious since it is a national league. I have played almost every night. If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked if I was moving here b/c I or my husband was in the military...I'd be a rich woman!

Tonight, the venue listed for the league cancelled, so I'm stuck at the hotel...

Friday night, I went out with some girls from work for some much needed margarita's and social life! The biggest difference in the bars here is that you can smoke in them...which was really cool at first...until I realized after being a smoker in New England for 2 years...I don't like indoor smoke....indoor bar smoke! And I do smoke much more when allowed to smoke with my drink at the table! I think I smoked my body weight in cigarrettes!

I've started working on another 8 hour baby blanket by Plymouth Yarn...and am halfway through. Cooper was born in October....and still doesn't have a baby blanket! My goal is to finish it this week and ship it before I head back to MA, but I tend to set goals outside my reach. I've been toting an unfinished pair of socks with me to Augusta, GA every trip...and never get around to working on it...although I did manage to completely tear the sock out once I got to the heel....

With all the travel and move...It's safe to say...knitting has taken a back seat. I think it took a back seat a long time ago, I just didn't want to admit it. For me...I have to be in a happy place...in my head at least. I have to be calm, relaxed and not have anything "pending" as my friend patricia would say.

I did spend a little bit on my Ravelry account. I added a few pictures...and realized that I have been knitting for almost 2 years!! WOW...that long....? I hate how I started knitting, but glad that I did start...and was lucky that Crazy Natters Mom and Patricia were around for some knitting support!!


Joan said...

No knitting newbie anymore! ;-P

I can't believe I used to bartend thru college and law school inhaling tons of that nasty bar smoke. I love that we are smoke free here, nOt that I ever go in a bar anymore.

I missed why you are living in a hotel? LOL on the poker league. Who knew there was such a thing!?

J said...

I got a promotion to move to the Augusta, GA facility and my husband can't move down until the end of January. We will go into temporary house - most likely an apartment, but until then, I've been living out of a hotel and traveling back home every other weekend.